How long has the WaterCooler been in existence?
The WaterCooler opened its doors in May of 2008.

Who funds the WaterCooler?
The WaterCooler is funded through a combination of private and public dollars and contributions including Brix & Co., Capital City Development Corp and the City of Boise.

Who benefits from the WaterCooler?
We view the WaterCooler as one of several entities in the Boise Valley and the state that is working to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas, create products and services, build companies and create jobs. The WaterCooler is a resource center for entrepreneurs, fostering innovation, discussion and creativity.

What type of residents does the WaterCooler house?
The WaterCooler works with innovation based entrepreneurs developing new products or services. Please visit the Residents page to learn about these companies.

Does the WaterCooler provide any services or assistance to companies?
No. The WaterCooler offers affordable and flexible space for its residents. Residents have access to conference rooms and the Idea Studio, in addition to a kitchen and shower facilities. The monthly lease rate includes a VOIP system for phone and Internet service.

Residents may expect to interact and meet with members of the entrepreneurial community as often as they wish, as the WaterCooler has become the home to many meetings, activities and events that foster the startup experience. In addition, residents may meet with each other and share experiences, advice and input.

Idaho TechConnect , a resident, is also available to meet free of charge with interested individuals, residents and community members on their business ideas.

How long do companies stay in the WaterCooler?
Residents of the WaterCooler stay as long as they need to get a solid standing in the market. Some residents leave after a few months, some after a year or more.The lease rates are flexible and designed to give the entrepreneur the freedom to grow the company and space as needed. Of course, we love to see our residents grow too big for the WaterCooler (as Innovus Solar and Easy Office did, the first graduating class for the WaterCooler).

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