wedding-venueOne of the hardest decisions for a wedding is how to find the perfect venue for your wedding receptions. Planning your wedding reception will probably take up the bulk of your wedding planning time. A good wedding reception cannot be held anywhere; particular care must be taken in choosing the reception venue as space will dictate the extent and mechanics of many of the wedding reception’s activities.

Take the following points into consideration for selecting the perfect place to host your wedding reception or wedding rehearsal dinner like these best venues in orange county. The first step is to take an account of any interests or themes for the reception. The key is to choose a venue that will be conducive or supplementary to how you envision your wedding reception. Chances are you won’t want a smaller, more intimate setting as there is going to be a high chance that the music will drown everything else out.

Create a list of what you want for your reception (times, activities, cuisine, band, etc.) and knock off private event venues that will be problematic in making those expectations a reality. Also take into consideration the costs reserving this type of venue might take. Be sure to make a budget of your available cash and credit.

Next, keep in mind that there will be logistical concerns for the wedding party. The limousine service may take care of you, but guests will need to have obstacle free travel between the ceremony and the private events venue. Many weddings will simply avoid this problem by conducting the ceremony in the private room that the reception will take place in.


However, if this is not what you wish for your wedding, getting a basic headcount of the guests as far in advance of the ceremony as possible will give you an edge in planning the parking and logistics, along with the wedding reception venue’s staff.

Finally, flexibility will be enormously beneficial to any reception. The venue that will be most accommodating, that will work with you to make your reception the best possible, are most deserving of your business and will be most likely to stand by you and help when things get dicey.

A great way to work with a wedding reception venue closely is to host your wedding rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or another private function at their venue. That way you can check on all preparations and make final adjustments before the big day. Also, an accommodating kitchen with a variety of dishes and tastes will pay off when selecting a menu.

Your wedding reception is going to be your first social gathering after you are pronounced husband and wife. You want it to be a wonderful even that is also affordable. You want everyone to be comfortable and you want to be able to enjoy yourself at the event.

Choosing the perfect venue will make the day go smoothly and ensure that you are supported in all aspects of hosting your wedding reception. Plan ahead, be selective but compromising, and remember to enjoy yourself.

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